One Thing

There are a great many ways that we can feel overwhelmed these days. Yet is all of these things that rise up against us, the Bible let us know that we can overcome anything with Jesus. When we need a safe place, a financial windfall, protection from a storm or encouragement for our depressed soul...Jesus is enough!
I've been doing a little teaching from Nehemiah asking myself and our church a loaded question: Can WE Survive? In the story I am pointing out many things that came against Nehemiah as he pursued the project of rebuilding the walls of Jerusalem. He faced verbal assaults, physical attacks and even some opposition within the ranks of his own folks. And not only did he survive, he completed the very thing that God had caused to rise up inside his soul.
Nehemiah had one main thing that you can see clearly was his secret weapon as he faced all of the adversity. Prayer. He knew how and when to pray. At the first sign of struggle he prayed. When insults were hurled at him and his friends he prayed. And when his own people got tired and weary and started to cave in, again he prayed.
I don't know how you handle your difficulties but I am hoping that you learn how to talk to God first in any situation. He can not only calm you down, he can turn your situation around. And even if nothing around you changes, he can walk with you through every part of the trial. People can fail you. Jobs will come and go. Churches can miss the mark. But Jesus never fails!

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