You Will Know

In Genesis 22, God is building the character of Abraham. It's a test to see if he can follow instructions. He tells him to take Isaac, his son, to the region of Moriah and to sacrifice his son on one of the mountains. But he did not tell him which one. Moriah was filled with mountains! All he said was to Abraham was that "you will know it when you get there".
Most often when we are being led and our lives are being shaped by our Creator, we have no complete picture of the where we are going. It seems to be on a need to know basis. Faith requires us to start walking and to begin doing while God promises that when we get to the right spot, we will realize it. Have you ever had someone give you directions to go somewhere they could not fully describe but they gave you all of the information they could and ended with that phrase, "you will know it when you get there"? You will see it. When you get to the place you are being led in God, you will know it when you see it. It will jump up in your spirit and the realization that you are making the right choices and doing the right things will bring you joy and make the Lord smile. 
You can't win if you don't begin. Start moving confidently in the direction of your dreams. God is taking you someplace very special. A place of His provision and His protection. A place where you will feel like you have been there all your life. Perfect peace that casts out fear. Joy unspeakable and full of glory. You say "where is it? How will I know when I am there?" Well, my friend, you will know it when you get there!

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