Your Bestseller

The other day I was reading a book on my IPAD. It only takes a simple swipe of the finger to turn the page. It's so easy to go forward but it is also easy to go backwards. As I used a single finger to move through the pages of this book I thought about my story. There are chapters of my life and I turn the pages every day to begin a new journey, a new dialogue and a new season. Sometimes in life, just like this book, I want to jump ahead to see what is coming!
What I am learning is how to retain the lesson learned on each page and spend more time writing new pages rather than rereading old ones. Like Paul I have realized that I have not yet become all that I am designed to be. And neither have you!
I encourage you today to turn the page and keep moving forward. It's easy to be fascinated with past victories and live in the glory of what has been so often that you miss what has come. God is doing new things all over the world and you have something new, something incredible that He is ready to write on the pages of your life. The question is, are you ready to begin assembling your best-seller?

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