Leave Outcomes to Me

Have you ever trusted the Lord for something so huge and as you walked through it, you found yourself starting to interfere with His process? The other day the devotional book I was reading started off with this: leave outcomes up to ME. Follow me wherever I lead, without worrying about how it will all turn out.
Right in the face that hit hard and I began to see just how often I try to take back the reigns of what I have already surrendered to the control of the Lord. It seems I want to create the outcome, to manage it, perhaps even predict it. But outcomes are not predictable and things do not turn out like you want them all the time. However, when you live a life that follows the Lord and leans upon His understanding, no matter what the journey and the course, the outcome will be His.
Its time to learn to enjoy the rhythm of life lived close to Jesus. What beat is your life drumming to? Can you jump when He says jump? Can you rest when time has been given to you to relax? Leave outcomes to the Lord. It's the only way things will come out right!

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