The BIG Give

Have you ever tried to do something good for others that was so huge that without the intervening of divine support, it would be impossible? The Landing Community Church in Glenpool,OK is taking a leap that looks impossible through a normal lens. It's the first annual Christmas Offering. When you take care of others, God takes care of you. And God is able to do exceedingly and abundantly above all that we ask, think or imagine!
The Christmas Offering has three targets that will benefit the world, the community and those closest to us. They will complete an orphanage that can house 8 children in Uganda for $13,000. They have already raised $7,000 in the last 11 months. They are going to feed the community during their Tuesday FREE Lunch program for a year at a price tag of $6,000. And to make it even more personal, they will select five families in the community to bless with the most incredible Christmas ever. The budget for that is $3,500.
For many this may seem like a simple and easy goal but for this little fellowship of fully devoted followers of Christ this is larger than life. When you take what's in your hand, your house and your heart and surrender it to the Lord, miracles happen. This is the season for miracles! 
What are you doing with your life and resources that is bigger than you? Take what you have and give it to God and watch the amazing things that He can do. Together we can make this the best Christmas ever!

**If you would like to support any of these things-the orphanage, the free lunch program or making Christmas happen for five families, call The Landing at 918-321-2300 and talk to Rachel Sanders. Your tax deductible contribution will bless the world, the community and those that need a lift this holiday season. Thank you for your prayerful consideration:)

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