Unwrap It

This week I was part of a little conference in LA where all kinds of creatives gathered to discuss making and promoting movies. Being an Oklahoma resident stepping into Hollywood sometimes can feel a bit overwhelming, especially when you see so many people doing things that you are in the process of doing. I felt that way when I started The Landing. Why should we place another church in a city like Tulsa where there are churches everywhere and new ones starting weekly? What I learned about the church I am also learning in other areas as the Lord 'validates" the tools he has placed in me. I was with several other folks on this trip and all of us felt validated in a huge way.
When you "validate" someone or something you "recognize, establish, or illustrate the worthiness or legitimacy of it."
Let me encourage you today...you are smarter than you think you are and God is able to amaze you when you actually step out in faith and trust Him. If you wait for people to validate you then you may never start doing what you have been set up to do by God from the start. He has already recognized you and counted you worthy...so worthy that He gave up His only sons life to save yours! You matter. You have an amazing gift that must be unwrapped this holiday season. 

Each week as I teach and preach the Gospel I get to see the gift of God given away to serve others. What are you doing with your abilities? How about your time? Your money? Use all of it for His purposes and this could just be the best holiday season you have ever had! Isn't it time you unwrapped what He gave you?

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