A Christmas Miracle

It's very difficult to wrap words around the emotions and feelings that occur when God steps in and directs an event. As I mentioned in Friday's post about Carman's historic Texas Stadium event, when He showed up and took care of the provision it was absolutely awesome! But the end result of that provision being supplied was what he was really teaching all of us. That night in Texas, 6000 people made Jesus their Lord and Savior. People were released from guilt and shame, embraced by love and given a place in eternity with Christ.
Yesterday at The Landing we received the 1st Annual Christmas Offering. This was not some usual Sunday service collection. This was our surrender to a bigger vision; God's plan to utilize our lives for His purposes. The closer we got to this special day at the church the more excited I was. I felt in my bones that God was in complete control and he had shown me through His Word many things leading up to yesterday to assure me that He was using our little church and He would make himself known in a mighty way. Some might have said "why are you receiving an offering for other people when your church is having a difficult time paying its own bills?" In the natural that is where most of us go with our thinking. But God turns the table. He says to be the greatest of all you must serve all. To be first you must be last. To save your life you must give your life away.
So the end goal of yesterdays BIG GIVE was giving our lives, our time and our treasures away. Today, my cup is running over as I tell you that God has used this small little fellowship in Glenpool, Oklahoma to truly change the world, our community and those closest to us. Yesterday he endorsed the provision and approved the plan. Every single project on our dream list, those things that were so huge you might chuckle when you think about us actually doing them, heaven applauded. God miraculously funded an orphanage that will now be built and house 8 children next fall in Uganda. God completely covered the expenses for feeding our community every Tuesday for the entire year 2015. And because of His blessing, 5 families will be benefactors of His glory and power as they have a Christmas they will never forget. And just for fun, because God is so good, we added another item to the list and are giving a scholarship to a young man so that he can complete seminary this year and become a minister of the Gospel! Now that's a Christmas miracle!
And the blessings will continue. There are others that wanted to be involved in this "divine moment" and are mailing their donations in by the end of the year. We have truly received a gift that will keep on giving:)
God sent His Son to earth to make a way for every one of us to be used in miraculous ways for each other and to share with others His way. You matter. Your life, your special skills and your money matter to God and what He is doing right now. Whether its a concert for thousands, a church service for hundreds, or a conversation with a stranger, salvation is always the goal. A relationship with Jesus Christ as Lord. Jesus is the way. Nothing is impossible with God!
To all of you that read the post from Friday and prayed for us, thank you! To those of you that know YOU are supposed to be a part of something that God is smiling on right now, follow your heart, call The Landing and let them know YOU want to help.(918-321-2300) 

Thanks be to God who always and in all ways causes us to triumph through Christ Jesus!

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