God Brings it Together

I want to encourage you to spread some cheer this week! We are closing in on the home stretch of this CHRISTmas season, so let me offer some other holiday tips.
Let me begin by asking you a question...what are you expecting this Christmas? Do you realize that it takes more out of you being negative than it does to be positive? This holiday is all about people...the people that God has surrounded you with. The first Christmas brought people from all backgrounds together for a wondrous event. People matter to God. 
Invest in relationships rather than stores. Play games rather than buying them. When you invest in people you always get interest.
Your return on investment will be great when you spend your time on the things that really matter. Don't let the hustle and bustle cause frustration and silence those silver bells. It's CHRISTmastime in your city! The announcement of the birth of our Savior drew people close that day in Bethlehem. Let's allow it to draw us close today too!

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