The End of a Chapter

Here we are at the finish of one year and the threshold of another. In a matter of hours, you and I will walk out of all that was 2014. Maybe your year did not go as you thought it would. Don't worry, just say thank you and goodbye! Or maybe I should have said good riddance!

Regardless of how tough things may or may not have been for you, the fact of the matter is that here you are...standing tall on the last day! What you thought was going to stop you didn't. What you had to overcome you did. And now you are ready to shut one door and open the next.

My hope is that you will be able to look back upon all that was in 2014 and learn from it. That each lesson will be part of the incredible pages of your life that God is putting together. He has been writing a beautiful novel with your talents and personalities. And now He is closing this chapter and ready to write the next one.

Be safe, celebrate life and Happy New Year!

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