Would You Be Part of Something Historic?

On October 22,1994 I was part of history...the largest Christian concert ever produced by a solo artist-Carman at the legendary Texas Stadium. That night 71,102 people heard a gospel message and saw the glory of God and 6000 became followers of Jesus! It was quite a feeling.
There were many challenges and emotions leading up to that event. Today I feel some of those same things. At The Landing Community Church we are about to do something historic. We will have our 1st Annual Christmas Offering this Sunday.
The Christmas Offering will reach into the world, our community and those closest to us in ways that can only be accomplished with God's help. It is intended to get us to look beyond the walls of our church and focus on making connections with people outside our church helping those that need it so desperately. There are 3 targets we are aiming at.
1.    Finish fundraising for the Uganda Orphan House- $13,000
We have raised nearly $7000 this year towards the $20,000 it takes to complete the home that will house 8 children.
2.    Fund our “Free Lunch Tuesday’s” for all of 2015- $6,000
Each week we feed 50-80 people an amazing lunch in our Cup of Joe cafe' and we have the chance to fellowship and pray with every one of them.
3.    Bless 5 local families with an unforgettable Christmas- $3,500
Within our church and those we are connected to there are people that need a lift during the holidays. We will partner with these families to help make this Christmas unforgettable for their family.

*All monies over the target amount will be place into an Obstacles & Opportunities account for 2015.

For a church our size (less than 200), to imagine receiving this special offering for others of over $22,000 is so large and maybe even a bit crazy that it inspires me and ignites something in me that causes faith to increase and enthusiasm to grow. I think the Lord smiles when he sees such enthusiasm for His purposes and the benefit of His people. My prayer is that this endeavor has touched the hearts of those in our church and people like you that make a choice to become part of something wonderful by helping to build an orphanage, feed a community and love on a family.
I would love to invite you to participate with us in this BIG GIVE and see what the Lord will do with all of this faith joined together. The easiest way is for you to use a credit or debit card and go to the church web page, find the button at the top that says DONATE w/CreditCard. You can input an amount and simply place in the description ChristmasOffering. If you would like to send a check, please make it payable to The Landing and send it off this weekend so we have it before the end of the year.

When Carman Ministries booked the Texas Stadium for this concert, we believed that God could fill it up and touch peoples hearts and lives with the gifts that He had placed in ours. This weekend, Cup of Joe, The Landing and YOU can join together and make history once again as we provide shelter, food and necessities to those whom God wishes to rest His favor upon. Can you say BEST CHRISTMAS EVER! Thank you in advance for praying for this special project and those that will be blessed by it. And thank you for giving your resources to do something miraculous for others this season. I will report the results next week when all has been accounted for:)
If you have any questions or want to make your donation by phone, call us at 918-321-2300. Have an amazing weekend...I know we will!

The Landing Web Page

If you have a friend or family member that you would like to invite to this opportunity, please feel free to share this post or place it on your social network pages. And if you are close to Tulsa,OK, please come be our special guest at 10am this Sunday!

YouTube Video Promo of this Project

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