A Highway Called Favor

Well its been one of those weeks that feels a bit like a month! And we are only starting!! I'm not sure what a highway to favor looks like but I'm thinking that somehow I got off that old dead end road and found the entrance ramp this year:)
Psalm 5:12 talks about favor surrounding you like a shield. I think favor feels like a yes when everyone's been saying no. It's a tip when the last three customers left nothing. It's someone calling to say they are praying for you when you didn't even ask them too. God's favor is something good and the perfect time and in the perfect way.
What have you been praying about? I've taking a more intense attitude towards prayer so far this year and I am standing on the promises that Jesus gave us. Words can heal. Acts of love can bring hope. And jesus, well he can make that long week feel like a drive on a highway called favor! Buckle in...its about to get exciting!

**If you have a special prayer request that we can pray with you about, send it on to joe@cupofjoe.tv
I'd love to share a cup and a prayer!

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