Are Your Goals Too Lofty?

When we set lofty goals its so easy to abandon them at the first sign of struggle. It's hard to imagine that anyone would give up on something they set their heart on just yesterday. Fact is, what they were set on may have only in their head and never got into their heart.
Whatever you do, with your actions or your words, do it with all your heart. If the goal you set were easy, everyone would be after it. It may not be easy but it will be worth it. The best way to stay on course and keep moving towards your goal is to share it with someone else. That way they can ask you how you are doing, pray for you to have strength and help you in whatever way is possible. 
Challenge yourself this year to grow have more meaningful relationships, more impacting activities and a more uplifting attitude. Build your buddy list today and keep going!

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