God Hates These Things!

In todays Proverb, there is a short list of things that God hates. I say short list because it is my opinion that He hates many more things than these! Take a quick look at these 7 things:
haughty eyes- a lying tongue-hands that shed innocent blood-a heart that devises wicked schemes-feet that run to evil-a false witness-a person that causes dissension. Well, none of those are very good.  I would imagine that none of these are beneficial because they all lead to worse things and hurt other people. 
You were not created  to stir the pot or act arrogant. You were not designed to conjure up terrible ideas and then do them. God did not make you in His image so that you could lie and make up stuff. You are smart enough to know that.
Let's try to steer clear of this list in 2015. If you give control of your life to the Lord I believe that it will be easier to treat others with kindness and bring help and not hurt. Oh, and you want to know one thing that God really, really loves? YOU!

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