Grace of Giving

In 2 Corinthians 8 Paul tells the church to excel in the grace of giving. Most of us want to find the key to success...he way to have things flow more smoothly into our lives so that it isn't always full of tension. He provides two elements that should be adopted into our lifestyle if we want this special grace:
1-give ourselves to God  2-give ourselves to others
A life given to God will have generosity flowing out of it. It will be obvious to others in the way you speak and in the things you do. So why do we not see more generosity? Why does it seem that people are working harder and harder and still coming up short? Perhaps its because we are trying in our power and not unreservedly giving ourselves to God. His power is unlimited. His resources are unlimited. If you are getting tired, try giving control to Him!
So you choose today. Do you want to keep your conduit of blessing clogged up or are you ready for giving to simply flow in and out of your life? See that you excel in the "grace of giving"!

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