Happy New Year!

A fresh start to the best part! And one day before MY BIRTHDAY! That’s what new years day is to me! I've never been a fan of black eyed peas(the food or the band) but there are some New Years traditions I believe I would enjoy. For instance, the Dutch eat a ring-shaped treat symbolizing “coming full circle” and good fortune. Sounds like its time for a donut!!! In Spain they eat 12 grapes at midnight. And those Swiss(thanks for the chocolate!), well they take dollops of whipped cream, symbolizing the richness of the year to come, and drop them on the floor…and leave it there!! 

One of the things on my bucket list is to be in a hotel room on Time Square, high above all the festivities and people on New Years Eve, where I could stand on the balcony and feel the energy of all those people below and watch the ball drop. Doing that with a donut and a dollop of whipped cream on it would really be a party!

The best part about today is that it’s the beginning a something new. Last year is gone. In front of each of us is wide-open space and incredible potential to make 2015 the best yet. I like to journal my thoughts and feelings so I can catalog this story I am writing with my life. I’ve placed a huge responsibility for it on my Lord and savior, Jesus Christ. In fact, He has all the control and I am trusting in Him while walking the path that He already cleared out for me. I have to say that it isn’t always fun or easy. But every moment is adventurous.

So whether you eat black eyed peas or not, whether you kissed last night the person you wish to keep on kissing, turn over a new leaf today by letting faith in the Lord begin with this New Year. He longs to write a story with your life: each chapter filled with adventure, romance and challenge. You hold the pen right now and a whole book of blank pages. What are you going to write that will be worth reading? Write a story that makes a difference in the life of others.

Happy New Year! May your cup(of joe) always be full to overflowing!

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