Having Authority is not Enough

I was reading this weekend where Jesus sent out the twelve to do ministry. Matthew 10 tells us how he sent them, where he sent them and what they were to do. He gave them authority to do some incredible things. They were to take that authority to those that were without hope and health and become turnaround specialists: help others turn around their lives.
As followers of Christ today we have that same authority to drive out evil, heal sickness and help change the quality of life for those we are connected to. The problem: its not enough to be given authority...its power only fully arrives when it is utilized. And to use it we need Jesus working through us and in us.We have authority to use the name of Jesus to combat evil, eliminate sickness and become turnaround specialists right here in 2015. For that to happen we need to go to places where it is needed...where we can utilize these divine giftings. 
Let's make this the year where we don't just talk about the power He gave us. How about using it! Pray for a friend or neighbor today. Send a note to someone who is sick. Jesus gave you a unique power. Go use it!

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