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You are a Masterpiece

For we are God's workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works,  which God prepared in advance for us to do. Eph 2:10

Can you wrap your head around this verse? You were made in the image of God, His workmanship. A masterpiece. You have been crafted and created by design. That design was set up before you were born so that you would accept Him as Lord, move towards His purposes, and start doing good things that put a smile on His face. You've had other options. All of us have. But at some point we all realize that someone has their eye on us. Someone is watching over us. Your life has purpose: to bring His glory into the lives of those that you are in fellowship with. As you build your relationship with Him, you will begin to truly enjoy all that comes with walking it out. Blessings will overtake you! Favor will surround you! So many times we are bombarded by bad news, ambushed by difficulties and adverse circumstances. That is part of life. But when we realize that we w…

Joy in the Journey

As we continue pressing into the new year I've been thinking alot about my life and the things in it. This word, SIMPLIFY, keeps rising to the surface and begging me to hear it. To "simplify" is to reduce back to the basics, eliminate stresses and anxieties, to streamline. We have no guarantee of another day so the hours and minutes we use should be meaningful for us and for those that God has connected us to.
As part of this personal inventory, I am looking at the work that I do, the people that I talk to and the way I spend my time and my money.
So many people today spend all of their time and energy in an acquisition mode and never get to enjoy the fruits of the work that they have engaged in. The work and the money should never be the objective. The joy is in the journey. The excitement is often in the risk. 
For many years of my life I never asked myself what I enjoyed or why I was doing what I was doing. So this exercise is bringing great enjoyment.
Why don't you take a few moments look at how you might simplify your life. Spend your time doing things that bring glory to God and you will find God's glory all over YOU!