Stop Shouting at Me!

Does not wisdom call out? Does not understanding raise her voice?
At the highest point along the way, where the paths meet, she takes her stand;
beside the gate leading into the city, at the entrance, she cries aloud:

Proverbs 8 starts out declaring this truth- wisdom is shouting at you! From the mountaintops, along the paths, even at the gates of the city! I've talked to several folks that have resolved to be more wise this year. Some of them think that if they do certain things it will show up or if they act a certain way it will magically pour out of them.  
There have been times I was so determined to accomplish something with my own intelligence that I simply shut out the voice of wisdom. You can get so used to functioning in your power that you grow deaf to the help that God is trying to send to you. I've been in rooms where there have been very loud children and I have found a way to silence those voices.(in my head) The voices were there but I had found a way to ignore them.

Trusting in the Lord will bring insight. That insight...wisdom...will shout at you from every direction. The question is...will you be listening?

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