What are You Expecting?

While typing out some notes the other day I was captivated by the word on one simple key: shift. By its very definition a shift is "to move or cause to move from one place to another". What could happen in your life today if the Lord decided to "shift" your finances in an upward direction? Or if the boss comes in this week and just decides to "shift" your position in the company into one that has more responsibility and comes with more benefits? You would be smiling and shouting wouldn't you?
Of course you would! Shifts are happening all the time. God is in the habit of turning things in a favorable direction for the people that love Him and have surrendered control of their lives to Him. In just a moment your entire day could "shift". This week your relationships could "shift". So let's ask a couple of questions:
1- Are you expecting things to shift in your favor? 
2- What will you do when they shift?
Why not get ready for some good news, some positive changes, and a supernatural "shift"? I have a feeling that things are about to move in your favor!

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