True Community

This week I joined a few of my friends for a trip to the alley...the bowling alley! When I was much younger I used to bowl often. I even had my own bowling ball that I would bring with me and it had my initials on it! Not sure how good I was but I do know I looked pretty good:)
As the others began to arrive, several of them came in with their own bowling balls in tow! Who would have thought I was connected to so many incredible bowlers.
Well the lanes are much nicer than I remember. There were huge TV screens above them as well and all of the scoring was digital so my limited math skills were not an issue! There were so many sights and sounds happening around me that it truly felt like a party.
What I experienced was a group of people gathering around something they love and enjoying the company of each other while they did it. It was a picture of true community. You and I were created for fellowship with have relationships with Christ and in doing so, better relationships with each other. Being part of this small bowling community group, I laughed, had some fun conversations and used muscles that I did not even know I had!
What kind of people are you hanging out with today? Do they lift you up or tear you down? Choose folks that know how to hit the perfect "strike" when it comes to picking up your spirits...people that will not "spare" the truth when holding you accountable. Bad company corrupts good habits but the right company, well that changes everything!

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