Have YOU Hit Rock Bottom?

This past weekend pushed my spirit to the very limitJ Our church has been struggling a bit financially and we were close to the midnight hour. I was already feeling some stress.  And then my daughter came in from school saying her car was messing up. It was her brakes. In looking at the brakes I also realized that she needed tires. So we trusted God and got all of the things fixed. As I was getting ready to preach Sunday morning, my daughter arrived at the church and said she backed out of our garage and ran into her brother’s car in the driveway who was visiting us this weekend! I really think I went into shock! I hit rock bottom. I would say that the bottom just fell out. It affected everything I did that day. My faith was truly tested.
Looking back on the avalanche of bad news and challenges I realized that as a believer, the bottom never falls out because when everything else is gone, when all the stuff is stripped away, what you have left is JESUS. He IS the foundation. He is the friend that never leaves. His power and his provision is unlimited.

Maybe you have experienced an onslaught of bad news. Maybe it seems like your world is falling apart and you’re just spiraling downward. Don’t worry because you will fall into the arms of a Savior that loves you and wants to get you back on your feet again. You didn’t hit rock bottom, you hit the bottom Rock! He is the Rock of Ages!

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