Classic Italian

Have you ever had a season that was just so difficult that everything felt heavy and burdensome? I have felt that way for a few weeks as I have been doing a great deal of re-organizing in preparation for whatever the Lord wants me to do next in my career. As I was deep inside one of my vortex's of discouragement, praying for a new job and my incredible kids, my unemployed daughter called me. We talk all the time and I have been praying hard for her to get a new job so she can take care of the things that she needs to. I said "Hello Jordan" and she said "Dad, I have the greatest news of my life!" The excitement was so intense I think the phone vibrated on my ear and all I could think about was that she won the lottery or maybe she got that great job! I could not wait to hear the answer!
She wanted me to guess but I just didn't want to disappoint in any way so I said, "I give up, tell me!" And then Jordan said, "The Classic Italian is back at Arby's!" After what seemed to be like minutes of shock and confusion I said "that's the greatest news of your life...a sandwich?" "Dad, you just don't understand, its the best ever!" Her enthusiasm was so contagious and soon all of her friends made the journey to Arbys for the Classic Italian sub which is now named  the "Loaded Italian".
Well, this classic Hungarian learned something from this simple exchange. Often its the simple things in life that bring the greatest joy. A kind word over a cup of joe. A note of encouragement in a time of depression. The sound of ocean waves on a sunny day. And yes, a tasty sandwich that is seasonal and only available for two months.
Take a moment today to thank the Lord for the little things. If you can't be happy with what you have you will never experience joy over what's coming. And if you are a fan of the Classic Italian at Arby's, well time is limited so you better go get ya one!

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