From the corner of a newsletter to a nationwide non-profit...

In 1997, Cup of Joe began as an article in a national newsletter for a large ministry organization. We just had a small corner of it but it was OUR corner. And we used the space to encourage, inspire and ignite people all over the world. When Joe changed careers and left that organization, he continued Cup of Joe as a devotional resource and wrote articles for newspapers and magazines. It became a wonderful outlet for expressing personal feelings and sharing hope. It was like therapy at times. 

In 2007 it launched a blog...writing an article every day...a cup of joe...a rich blend of inspiration for your daily grind. It was tough at first writing every day but it was exhilarating too. And it continued to blossom. More countries were following the blog because it was now in a digital format that could be shared and read on mobile phones and tablets. And in 2011 we were approached with the idea of gathering some of our favorite articles and doing a book called, what else, Cup of Joe! We went through over 1000 articles to select 150 of our favorites. We even got family and friends involved as they chose theirs too. 

So here we are in the summer of 2015 and I have written and published six books, over 2000 articles and columns and as Founding Pastor of The Landing for 13 1/2 years, composed over 1300 sermons too! And the cup of joe continues to flow...overflowing with grace and love and pouring out a blessing on everyone that enjoys it. As I handed off the church he founded to a young couple that had served the Lord and the ministry for more than a decade, I needed to look for the next adventure and opportunity to serve...the next visionary to support...the next ministry that would change hearts and lives in a way that lasts for an eternity. The process has begun. Today, one piece of the new beginning is complete...the cup is full and Cup of Joe is now officially a 501c-3 organization- Cup of Joe,Inc.

I am so thrilled to continue my mission of encouraging others through written and spoken word. I will be doing what I have done for the last 30+ years...teaching, preaching, writing and consulting with other ministries and organizations that dream BIG and operate in excellence. You can partner with us as we pursue what God has called us to do and support these efforts with tax-deductible contributions. We will be looking for ways to help other churches, ministers and organizations fulfill their dreams. We will offer resources to help groups all over the country encourage others and share biblical principles. And if YOU are aware of a church or company that would be open to having me preach or teach in their services, please pass that along. 

Thank you for sharing Cup of Joe with us and helping us continue to share it with others. May YOUR cup always be filled to overflowing! 


 Correspondence and Donations can be mailed to:

Cup of Joe, Inc. 
11063-D South Memorial #427 
Tulsa, OK 74133 

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