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I've been in search of a new adventure recently. When the Lord moves you out of one season before the next one is here, its a bit unsettling. I am having to learn about trust and faith in a much deeper and significant way. I have days when my faith is full and I'm excited...not sure why, just excited. And then there are days when it all just feels overwhelming. Part of my time in this transition has been defining what I am looking for and what really matters to me. I needed to write it down. Just like I do each day with the words of inspiration through Cup of Joe, I wanted to write out what's running through my head. As a Cup of Joe follower, you know me so well and have prayed for me sharing cups with me for years and now I could use your help to get connected to that next place where I can serve. I want to ask you to do 3 things: 1-Read this entire cup 2-Pray for me personally as soon as you have finished asking the Lord to bring the place and myself together 3-If you know of a church, organization or leader who might be ready for a great support person, pass on my information and help me begin this new season. I've never been more ready so I know God is getting someone or something ready for me. Email me at joe@cupofjoe.tv 
 Thank you for your help and God bless you! 

"There will come a time when you believe everything is finished. That will be the beginning." Louis L'Amour

There are many defining moments that have become the fabric in this tapestry of my life as a follower of Jesus. Like the day I said yes to him in a dorm room at college in 1978. Or the moment each of my three children were born. I remember the altar calls with Carman Ministries in churches and arenas, and will never forget the largest concert we ever did in Texas Stadium with 71,102 people in attendance and 6000 beginning their journey with Christ that evening. That was the end of one season and it launched me into the next one…to start a church in a city of churches with some of the most prolific pastors in the world! What was I doing? Better question, what was the Lord doing with me? Looking back, I hear the adoring screams of emotional fans at those concerts, I see the life-changing tears of lives being surrendered to Christ and I feel so blessed to have had the privilege and honor to serve the Lord on a national stage and on a very private one as well. He has made all the difference. And once again, in my comfortable space He is pushing me outside the lines. After nearly 20 years in the Contemporary Christian music business as Executive Director of Carman Ministries followed by 13 ½ years as the Founding Pastor of The Landing Community Church, I am moving into a new season…to build, create, partner and leverage God’s giftings in me on the path of His choosing. I have learned much about endings and beginnings. I have learned that often one END is simply the start of a powerful NEW BEGINNING. What I know without a doubt today is that I enjoy supporting grand visions and pursuing God’s presence to bring about seemingly impossible results.

So at 56 years of age, my children have grown, my house is empty and my heart is full and ready for this new adventure. In mid-June of this year I handed off the church I began, The Landing Community Church, to a young couple that had served with me and blessed our congregation for more than a decade. I am doing what I can to help them begin a new season that they have always dreamed about. I am trusting the Lord to turn their dreams2destiny as He has done over and over again for me. They have been faithful and diligent and this is their time.

Now the search begins for me. To build, collaborate, inspire, encourage and help empower another team. In this sage season of my personal life I want to be certain that I do not miss the mark. I want to land in the sweet spot of God’s success and be a blessing to those that I partner with. By doing so I know that He will bless me! To hit that target I have to define it. So, what would I love to see, feel, hear and be completely saturated by in this new season?

I would love to work for a ministry/organization that reaches beyond its zip code…to partner with people who are hungry to see positive life change in others and to serve a leader that knows how important it is to have a dream larger than yourself; leaders who know how to trust God every step of the way and surround themselves with amazing people. I have an intense craving to be in an environment that is fluid, structured, yet flexible and pregnant with God’s purpose. To be with a team that looks at people not as building blocks but rather as the very glue that holds the organization together. I hope to continue building new friendships with these types of folks that will last the rest of my days. I desire linking arms with those who aren’t afraid to fail and are allowed to; people who learn and become better by exercising their faithfulness. I want to “do life” with these people and this organization; to enjoy life together between services and not just during church events. I am interested in helping to create environments where there is growth, life, enthusiasm, joy and a belief that anything is possible when God is in the mix.

I want to be a great teammate, a leader and builder that serves a vision paving the way by example…whose own imperfections always point to the grace and mercy of God. I want to feel and be empowered to use the gifts that the Lord has placed inside of me... to create and implement ideas that can benefit the organization and its people. I am looking to work for someone who uses their God-given abilities and time to invest in those that are part of their organization; a leader who is accessible to people, authentic in approach and genuine in every way. A passionate, Holy Spirit anointed leader who believes in positive affirmations and looking for the best in every situation.  A teacher who deals with discipline in a loving way and whose goals are to restore and replenish. I want to serve someone who trusts his or her staff, loves genuinely and always inspires the team to keep pressing on. I do not want to miss the Lord. I am praying for an opportunity that grows me while I’m investing in it, that is global in reach yet local in personality and character. I want to breed excellence, immerse in community and ignite something that will positively change lives all over the world. I want to be part of a grand God-sized vision.

It was Henry Ford who said, "Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success." “Together” is what I seek…a team…a living organism…a ministry/organization that dreams big dreams in an environment that shines the light on Jesus in everything they do. I personally believe that nothing is impossible with God. My prayer is that my later years will be the greater years.

The pursuit continues…

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