It's an Exciting Day!

In 2002 when I started The Landing, it was so important to me that the ministry we did was happening 24/7. I wanted people to have access to a message, a thought or a scripture anytime that they needed it. Experience told me that often when we are in trouble, the church is closed, the pastor is unavailable and our friends are no where to be found. I wanted to encourage people anytime, inspire them to dream BIG dreams and share the Bible with them in ways that helped them in their daily lives. That is why we call Cup of Joe a rich blend of inspiration for your daily grind.
The way I achieved my goal of 24/7 ministry was to utilize a digital format media player that some friends of mine in Tulsa created at Every message I spoke at The Landing was there. And in a day when technology allows us to have information at our fingertips with cellphones, tablets and computers, wouldn't it be nice if Cup of Joe had one place to land that provided the content and the links to other resources? Yes it would!
So today I release to you, your family and friends my new media player which you can find at:

Insert this in your browser and it will take you to a player that features more than 700 inspiring talks, short video and audio shots of encouragement. You can download any of them absolutely free! On the new player you will also find links to Facebook (go LIKE our page!), Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, our iPhone APP and a button for our BOOKS too! There is even a link there that will bring you to this blog as well. And if your really adventurous and want to help us with a donation to keep the content and resources coming, just use the DONATE button on that page and your tax-deductible gift will be received with enormous appreciation! One website to remember that takes you anywhere you need to go:

So wherever you are, whenever you need your cup of joe, we deliver and pour it out to you on whatever device you are using. Please take a moment this weekend to browse the player and check it out. Scroll through the many titles and see what jumps out at you. And if you would be so kind, send me a little note to to tell me what you think! You can also send me comments and topics you'd like to hear more about. I will do my best to pour out fresh cups when you need them!

Thank you for following, subscribing, liking, downloading and sharing these cups of inspiration with your friends on your social networks. Encouragement makes everyone feel better and when we share it's like a prayer that does a whole lot of good! Thanks for your feedback, your comments and your donations! We will keep it coming as long as you keep drinking it in:)

May your cup of joe always be full!

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