Trumpets and Voices

There's a story about Joshua and how Jericho was brought to the ground. If you read the story you see that it was all done with horns and shouts. For 12 laps they were not allowed to speak! On the 13th time around Jericho, everything changed! I don’t believe that I’ve ever heard of a demolition project that just required trumpets and voices to accomplish. Yet I can see the power that is available from God if we would worship and speak as He directs. I’ve seen praise and worship music soften hearts to the point of breaking before God. I’ve heard words formed into a testimony that caused strongholds in others to crumble as they were spoken. Trumpets and voices, worship and praise, will tear down walls of division and fortresses of evil. 
Courageous living requires us to bring down strongholds Gods way. I personally believe that God told the people to be quiet because some of the folks in the group did not believe this could be done and they would have polluted the project with their negativity. Remember what momma used to say..."If you don’t have anything nice to say…" You can't allow yourself to spoil the end result. If we pollute the project, we poison the promise.
This was a divine moment, this was their time, Joshua was their leader and ALL of this was brought about because they were not afraid and they were not dismayed. You know those people: they think dis-may or dis-may not happen:) 
The people were strong and COURAGEOUS. How about you? 
Are you still timid when it comes to the things of God? Get out the trumpets and voices! Try some praise. Listen to some testimonies of God's power. Your walls are about to fall!

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