Closing the chapter...

Closing the chapter...turning the page...saying matter how you say it, its hard. This week I say goodbye to a home that has been a safe place and refuge for me. It's been a shelter and comfort station for my children. And part of the time I have been here it was a playground for my ole buddy and favorite miniature dachshund, Midnight, may he rest in peace.
I have so many memories in this place and must honestly say it is very emotional for me. I've spent the last 45 days peeling back layers of memories, selling nearly all of my furnishings and trying to prepare myself for whatever the Lord wants to do. I've simplified my life like never before and continued to encourage others even when I "felt" discouraged. And through this entire experience I realize that sometimes you need to say goodbye and close one chapter before another one can be written. My living room has two chairs in it and one tv, where Jordan and I sit sometimes and talk, laugh and even cry a bit about life's journey.
I know that these last couple of months have been good for me...good for my children and part of a pruning and prepping season from God. At times its hurt terribly while at other times I've smiled as I hear laughter and great conversations fill each room. I will leave the premises for the final time this week and begin a new normal...with less "stuff" and a heart full of joy and gratitude.

I want to say thank you to every one of you that has sent me a personal message to lift up my spirits. For the offerings and donations that have made it possible to stay alive I say God bless you. PLEASE don't stop sending hope yet because its so necessary right now. Many things are sitting in the balance and the next chapter can begin at any moment. Your prayers and support are appreciated! More details are coming so stay tuned!!! I love you all!

May YOUR cup always be filled to overflowing:)

Here's a short video thank you...

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