Enjoy Your Rest!

Happy Labor Day!

For all of you that truly get a chance to rest and enjoy today this cup is for you:)

Most of us are in need of some rest. The labor force and the trials of life have have been beating at us tall year and we need a refresher...replenished in our spirit and our body. 
One day I was given some lyrics that spoke to my heart and these words began to soothe my soul in the midst of all the chaos. They went like this:

Rest, the Lord is near
Refuse to fear, enjoy His love.
Trust, His mighty power fills every hour of all your days.

There is no need for needless worry with such a Savior.
You have no cause to ever doubt,
His perfect Word still reassures in any trial

There are a few more great lines of calming reassurance in this song, written by Phil McHugh and Greg Nelson many years ago. Take a moment today,cease from your labor, and let your mind be quieted and your spirit refreshed as you learn how to rest. The Lord is near!

Here's a link to the song: www.youtube.com/watch?v=1-W3B3OUkN0‎ 

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