We all have experienced it...even though we may never confess it...deep inside it is our little secret...we are consumed by FOMO...fear of missing out. Sometimes we linger in conversations longer than we should because we are afraid we may miss something. Often we find ourselves in relationships we shouldn't be in because we don't want to miss out on what might be coming.

How do we rid ourselves of FOMO? How about trying to in the moment. When you can enjoy whatever your are in the midst of and whomever is part of your life for the time, you will not have any time for FOMO. I love the Bible and a little scripture in 2 Peter that says we have been given EVERYTHING we need to live a godly life. When I understand that God has set me up for success and that everything I need to live the life He planned for me is already in me, well I remove every last bit of FOMO. Just say NO today...LITM...NOFOMO!

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