See YOU at The Pole

This week many young people all over the country will gather around their local school flag pole. They are praying and asking God to heal this land and pour out His blessing upon us. The numbers will probably not be like those political rallies nor will there be the media frenzy stirring around them. Still, they will cry out to a God that heals ALL of our sicknesses and who provides comfort to those that feel lost and alone. These young people still realize that there is only one party worth getting behind and that is the one that God is throwing for those that trust Him.
Fact is we need God more than anything right now. For a few moments this morning, students will be able to acknowledge Him and ask Him to direct their paths. And I believe God  will smile:)
The Good News is that you don't need to be gathered around a flag to pray. You can pray in your car on the way to work. Pray in the office you sit in. Pray right before the teacher starts that class and gives you the test for the week. 
We are one nation, under God, trusting God and asking God to bless us. 
Thank you to all of those that shared their faith by taking part in this years See You at the Pole rallies.

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