Increase Your Capacity

Teach us to realize the brevity of life, so that we may grow in wisdom. Psalm 90:12

Have you been praying for some type of a breakthrough in your family, your business or your finances? I find that many times in my life I pray for something more to come and I haven't made any preparations for its arrival if it did! We need to increase our capacity for all that God wants for us. Life is short. We need to make certain that our will is in sync with what the Lord has for us. We will grow. Our relationships will become stronger. And everything that we need to live our lives in that plan will come as needed.

Increase your capacity for what is coming. Live as though it is on the way. Talk like you are right in the middle of His perfect will. I believe that this is part of the process of getting yourself ready and in position for a blessing that will fill your cup!

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