Well Happy Monday morning to all of my cup of joe faithfuls! Hopefully the turkey hangover is gone and your bellies have retracted to their normal size again:) For more than a decade, at this time of year I am usually planning one of my favorite series called Christmas Cookies. I take some of my favorite spiritual treats and couple them with some of my favorite edible ones for an incredible collision of taste and satisfaction. There's nothing like a good Christmas Cookie!
But have you ever been served a cookie that has been "over-baked"? It's a bit discolored, not too pretty and when you press down upon it with your teeth it just falls apart. Not delicious at all!
Perhaps the same thing happens to us when we get a bit spiritually "over-baked"? We take a message that the Bible tells us is good, life-changing and soul saving and we discolor it, we take away its luster and we dilute its effectiveness. The Gospel was not designed to be difficult to understand. You need not struggle to practice its principles. Taste and see that the Lord is good...in fact His way
 of doing life is incredibly satisfying!
Don't overthink it today. Jesus said that you should love God and love your neighbor. This is a great time of year to do just that. Why not bake some Christmas Cookies and take them next door? Or click on the Christmas Cookie link on my blog page and send a book to a friend that could use some edible treats for their body and soul! Tis the season to be jolly...joy-filled and hope-full! Just don't "over-bake" the cookies!

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