Happy Birthday Jordan!

On this day at 11:06am in 1996, Jordan Nicole Jones came into this world in Nashville Tennessee and my life was forever changed:) To that point we had two boys, Brandon and Justin, and they were a handful to say the least! 
I cannot put into words just how much a little girl can rock your world but that is just what this bundle of joy did. She held her own with the boys and they always watched out for her. Her long, curly hair has always been the envy of the other kids, and some adults:), and her smile will make you forget about any of the bad days you are having. We spent a lot of time together, especially from 2005 until I moved to Dallas this fall and I'm so grateful that every time she would get in my car she would take a picture of us together. I must have 50 pictures of the two of us in the car on my phone!!

She is honest, trustworthy and such a loyal person which makes her an amazing friend to have on your side. She changed my world in so many ways, and still does, which is why today I wanted to devote Cup of Joe to her. Jordan, I could never say the right words to express just how proud I am of you and the young woman you have become. You are smart, filled with common sense and wisdom and incredibly beautiful inside and out! Yes, I'm proud, yes I love you to the moon and back, and yes, I'm done! Happy Birthday! God bless you bunches!


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