Made in 1959

On this day 57 years ago, the journey started. I remember very little of those first moments. I don't remember being flipped upside down and spanked, set under a warming light like a pack of fries or being carted around the hospital in Martins Ferry, Ohio. What I do remember are the two people that that were responsible and how much they loved me. You might wonder how much if you saw the pics of me in a dress and bonnet:) Mom and Dad you did such a great job and I am forever grateful for both of you and the things that you taught me. I am a much better person today because of you!

I remember each of my three children being born and all of the joy they have brought into my life since they started arriving in 1989. I remember asking Jesus to take over control of my life in a dorm room at the University of Cincinnati. I have continued to cherish that relationship every day since then. And I remember all of the incredible friends that I have had the honor of getting to know in the last 57 years. Though life keeps moving us all around, we still have ways to say hi, and to check in on how life is treating us. Because of things like Facebook and Twitter and a blog called Cup of Joe, I get to maintain a conversation with many of you and for that I am so thankful.

So here's to the lessons and the living int he past 57 and a road of peace and joy for as many more as the Lord allows!

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