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Making Good Friday Great

Imagine your life being completely turned upside down in one week. Going from sounds of laughter and singing to the chilling sounds of iron breaking bone. Jesus went on a physical and emotional roller-coaster during his final week on earth. And through it all He stayed on point and completed the mission for why He was be a living sacrifice that would save mankind for all eternity.
Skies turning black, the earth trembling and the Messiah breathing His last breath on the cross is probably not what anyone would describe as a good Friday. But for those that choose to follow Jesus and the teachings of His Word, these things fulfilled prophecy and made a way for us to be saved and healed. That makes it a good GREAT Friday!
This weekend is one of the most attended weekends for churches all over America. People come to church that don't come at al the rest of the year. Our prayer is that what they will see and feel will be so full of Jesus that they will allow Him to be their Lord and Savior before they leave. If you are reading this today and know someone that does not have a personal relationship with Jesus, I want to agree with you that this weekend will be filled with some amazing testimonies of God's power and strength. I want the Lord to become their Lord.
If you look for Him you will find Him. And when you find Him, you will find so much more! That's what the Bible says. God bless all of those churches that are diligently preparing to be hosts of God's presence and spirit and presenters of His story this weekend. And God bless you and your family during this Easter weekend!