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Prayer for Easter

There was a moment on earth when everything good appeared to be gone and evil had won the day. A moment when darkness was in control and hope had left town. Jesus was no longer able to heal or to save. I think we all have such moments today. Moments when we spiritually blackout and wonder if God even hears the words that we are praying.

But it wasn't long until something changed. The darkness began to lift. Obstacles were rolled away. Suddenly the hope that was suspected to be lost, like a morning sunrise appeared over the horizon and Jesus Christ had risen from the dead. Death could never win. Hell no longer has a chance. It's called resurrection and in order for there to be a resurrection there has to be a death. When Jesus died so did our sin, our limitations and our hopelessness. And because He rose, buildings will be filled up all over the world this weekend giving glory to the only One to defeat death and bring eternal life. 

My prayer is that today will be about a "new" resurrection in your life too. Maybe a relationship that you thought was dead. Or an opportunity that you believed was no longer possible. Or maybe its a fresh new start to your spiritual life as you begin to walk through life as a fully devoted follower of Jesus.This is a perfect time to start over.

Take a moment on this very special day to thank the Lord for all that He desires to do in your life and then give your life to Him so that He can do it. He has an amazing plan to bless you and bring indescribable joy and peace into it. Resurrection power can move through you today!

Have a blessed Easter!