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Acts of Love

Hebrews 10:24 tells us to "think of ways to motivate each other to acts of love and good works."
Acts of love make all the difference. Being there with a friend, sharing a prayer, or an encouraging note. One thing I see is that when people see love, they respond lovingly. Then as they learn how to love and be lovely, they gravitate towards good works. 
Perhaps the trouble many times for us is that we think that we can’t do enough and because we put that “limited thinking” on ourselves. We talk ourselves out of helping at all! Everything YOU need to live a godly life is in you, attached to you or set in the path you should be walking in. God created all of us so that we would connect to Him and then to each other. He knew that there would be times when you simply needed a little push…a simple sermon…a praise chorus…a note of encouragement. TENACIOUS people are always thinking about ways to get each other in loving, good works situations! How can I make their day brighter? How can I bless that brother sister in Christ who seem so sad today? 
What kind of ways can you think about today to help another person move towards doing something good? Lets motivate each other this week!