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Check Your Vital Signs

Acts 2:42 The community continually committed themselves to learning what the apostles taught them, gathering for fellowship, breaking bread, and praying. 

Check your vital signs! What good is it to have the nicest clothes and make-up if the body is comatose? There is a formula to living the life that God intended us to live. It started with the first church in Acts 2 as the community continually committed themselves to some important things. Let me break it down...

1- teaching
We need to learn the Word. Through meditation, listening to it preached and taught in classes we will grow and mature in faith. 
2- fellowship
There is nothing as powerful as teamwork...belonging to a group...a family of faith. Common unity or community breeds life, enthusiasm and powerful believers. 
3- breaking bread
Everyone that goes to church knows how important a meal can be to the gatherings. Not only are church meals good. The meal at the Lords table(communion) is the catalyst for finding our center and beginning to focus again on what's important. 
4- prayer
One week without prayer makes one weak! One day does too! Prayer, our communication with our Creator is the launching pad...the igniting fire for incredible teaching, amazing fellowship and enjoyable meals together. Prayer is the most important part of beginning and growing anything for the Lord.
These four things will revive what's dead, renew what's old and restore what's lost. So, how's your pulse today? Check your vital signs!