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The Supreme Moment

The ancient Greeks used a word, Kairos, which means “the supreme moment”. There are those seasons in life when you feel like everything is falling apart and you wonder if you will even survive. There are also moments when you sense that everything in your life is coming together in a beautiful and supernatural way. You could say both moments are very emotional and life-changing. But you would probably gravitate to the positive one…the one that brings hope…the one where situations lined up and clarity began to arrive.

All of us face challenges and difficulties. I meet people every day that struggle with addictions-people that have been silenced by fear-people that are trusting in the Lord and just waiting for change. Can I encourage you today to believe that your “kairos” is already on the way! That supreme moment for God’s purpose to shine through-for new revelation to arrive, it may be right around the corner. Why this may even be that moment!

What that means is you should prepare yourself to be ready to walk through a doorway into the most incredible season of your life. Healing for your hurts. Love to fill your hearts. Joy to lift your hopes. That supreme moment when God’s purpose collides with your expectation. You may feel like you lost so much through divorce, bankruptcy, betrayal or disease. What you may think you have lost is nothing compared to what you find in God as He brings you into this “kairos” of YOUR life. 

Settle today on one positive thought…that this is the season for the miraculous…this is the time…the supreme moment for YOU! Say it out loud and believe it with ALL of your heart. I am praying with you and know that every good thing God has appointed for you will arrive. Your mess is about to proclaim His message. His tests are about to become your testimony. May you experience supernatural peace today and feel the power of His healing and help in every area of your life. May you experience your kairos!