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Here We Go!

There is no peace like that which comes when you are assured of your location and vocation. Often the hardest place to be is in the valley of the unknown. Every day we make decisions that will have an impact on our future, our friends and our families. The Good News today is that the Lord is teaching us through the decisions and the conversations. His Holy Spirit allows us to recognize the good things that He is providing us. We are also able to learn life lessons from those things that are not so good. And that same spirit leads us on the path we should follow. There may be other ways as well so it is very important that we listen to the Lord on this.

Don't waste another moment taking your own road or thinking that you may know best. Submit your life, your abilities and your spirit to the Lord and let Him teach you about what is good for you. He will lead you and guide you to the perfect place to fulfill His purposes with you. Here we go!!