Some time ago I had the pleasure of filming a little spot for a local cable program. The mission: what would you say to someone that is going through a "transition" i.e. moving into a new city, a new home, a new relationship, out of one, to a job, from a job...you get the picture. The time limit...you will have about 60 seconds!!! WOW! What a challenge!
If all of my personal transitions lasted as long as this spot I would be golden! Unfortunately they do not. Most of my transitions just seem to happen...like being born. For nine months I was prepared and the moment I "came forth", the first thing they did was flip me upside down and spank me! Then they scraped me raw with a rag to clean me up and placed my under some hot lights like a pack of fries at McDonalds! After everything settled, they put my spotless, dew rag covered head in a plastic cart on wheels and led me to the showroom for everyone to see. It was a bit traumatic but I'm still here! 
Every one of us is going through some type of transitional season right now. Most of the time, we have no choice as to the timing, we just have to have a strategy for getting "to the other side" of the season.
I told those watching my spot that I had a formula...PDF...patience, discipline, and focus. You must stay calm and let patience do her thing. Discipline keeps walking, trusting and hoping, knowing that you will indeed come out on the other side when it is all over. No matter how bad it may seem or how unsettled you may be, this too shall pass! And focus is imperative...focus on happy thoughts...you know, find that happy place where you can keep your mind until your surroundings catch up! PDF...use it as your strategy and know that you can and will make it through the new thing that is happening to you.
Have a great weekend!

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