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Talk it AND Walk it!

2 Timothy 3:5..."having a form of godliness but denying its power. 
Have nothing to do with such people."
One of the gentle reminders that God is coming back again will be seasons of lawlessness, chaos, wars, earthquakes and other phenomenon. People will be lovers of themselves and their money. They will boast of all THEY have done. They will be unforgiving, rash, conceited and full of pride, lacking any self-control.
You don't have to be a genius to recognize that many of the characteristics of 2 Timothy are up close and personal on the news today in this world that we live in. Yet with all the horrible things happening we should not be afraid but rather be compelled to get closer to Christ. Some people will have a "form of godliness". I always wondered exactly what that meant. Perhaps it means that they will talk the talk but fail to walk it out. Or they will use the name of the Lord but never see a manifestation of His power. How could anyone deny that the Lord still heals today and that there is power in the name of Jesus to do anything that God desires to be done? Talk it AND walk it!
Don't hang out with those that deny. It's a warning and reminder from Paul! Hang around those that try and keep believing that this just may be the day that the miracle happens! 
Don't conFORM: TRANSform! Change your mind to start hoping in God and believing 
that anything is possible with God!