Can Passion Produce Positive Results?

I came across this quote the other day and thought about how many times I seem to act without really thinking about what I am doing. Some would call it impulsive or reckless. I think that if we were honest, we would say this is a bit prevalent in our society today. Just as damaging to our overall health and equally as devastating is to have thoughts and convictions without acting upon them. To simply be idle and silent can produce no change at all.
The greatness of our nation is our right to speak our mind and share our ideas with each other. We need to pray that reconciliation and coming together always remains stronger than divisiveness and tearing apart. I love to see amazing passion and my prayer is that the passion will always have a positive purpose. Love must rule the day and if we truly care about our children and their children, we will seek to make certain that peace rules our hearts. This country is really worth giving our best to.  Being the best  version of ourselves that we can be is paramount. YOU can make a difference. God WILL heal our land. Let's truly live as family.  #loveoneanother #bekind #youmatter

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