How to Get Rid of Bad Thoughts

The Bible talks of casting down imaginations. It's what we are to do with any thoughts that rise up contrary to what the Word of God says. Yet, we are born with incredible minds that are full of imagination. When imagination is used creatively it can unleash beautiful things. But when our imagination runs wild, watch out!
Whenever images in your mind start showing up that don't fit in the context of a life lived for Christ, you and I cannot afford to let them develop. In our spiritual "dark room" as we see them beginning to develop, we must cast them down and hurl them away from our lives. Take captive those thoughts...demolish them before they demolish you!
I have had some very dark seasons in my life when my heart was hurting and my mind just continued to be barraged with images that were not healthy. I felt like the Lord gave me a simple strategy to help. What's that strategy? I'm glad you asked! It's an exercise that I do when an image is in my head that was not invited and does not belong...I say out loud "delete". In my mind, every time I do this I am pressing a button; like the delete button on my computer and I am erasing that image. Then I immediately try to place a positive image in its place. In my darkest seasons it probably looked very strange to see someone saying "delete" so many times!! After a while, my spirit and my mind were conditioned by this simple exercise and it's a natural part of how I deal with imaginations that are unhealthy to my spiritual life. Thankfully today I don't have to say it out loud each time!
Is your imagination running wild today? Maybe its time you did some "deleting" of your own? Pull down strongholds and cast down imaginations. It's a great way to start winning your spiritual battles!

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