Blind Spots

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear those words: blind spots? Mine goes to driving and those places that I am unable to see until its too late when I travel down the road. I think that’s what bothers me so much about blind spots is that it seems you aren’t really aware of them until its too late. All of us have said at one time or another, "I didn't see that coming!"
Blind spots are not simply a driving hazard. We can have relational blind spots and spiritual blind spots too. Things can go off course and cause damage before you even realize that there is a problem. So how do we deal with them? Will they go away?

Let me offer up some practical thoughts about dealing with any blind spots. They will move when you do. Sometimes it’s a small adjustment in where we are sitting, how we are thinking and what we are doing. A minor adjustment can have a major impact. So we deal with them by being aware of them. In my car, I set my mirrors and where I look based on what I know to be the blind spots. In my relationships it takes me talking to others about helping me to find them and adjust myself in a manner that will eliminate them. Perhaps the most effective tool against blind spots is prayer. Maybe you are like me and you don’t naturally consider asking the Lord to help you overcome blind spots and see more clearly. I encourage you today to shake things up a little bit. Pray. Make a small adjustment. And know that the grace of God will get you safely where you need to be!

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