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Don't Neglect the Gift

Neglect not the gift that is in thee, which was given thee by prophecy, with the laying on of the hands of the presbytery.
1 Timothy 4:14

Have you ever been in a church service where you witnessed people speaking words of encouragement over each other and laying hands on them? When the elders of the church came together, prayed and spoke over people they would lay hands on them to commission them for service. This is what a presbytery service looks like.
The first time I saw this was many years ago and it was a bit strange then but very intriguing to me. The words were “prophetic”, they built up the individuals they were spoken too and many of the people smiled, wept and were captivated by these divine moments. It was uplifting to everyone in the service because God was speaking and His power was being poured out.
Paul was talking to young preacher Timothy in this setting, counseling him on how to move forward with his church when seasons are tough and people are difficult to deal with. As someone who has been in ministry for 35 years, I can say that there were many times I needed such messages of inspiration spoken to me. Paul was telling Timothy that God imparted something special when those elders laid hands on him and he should never forget that. The words they spoke launched his ministry…and empowered it. The power of the word is in the Word.
Wouldn’t it be encouraging to hear God speak over you today? I believe that He still speaks to His people today…through time in prayer, time reading His word and services like the one we have described. The key is allowing room in your life for His presence to fill. Set apart some time with Him and I know that He will speak to you. The power of His Word will consume you. And most important, you’re life will be surrendered to the grand design that He has always had for it. Maybe God has already spoken things to you through people at your church or friends and family. Don’t neglect what He has said. Don’t forget what was imparted to you. He planted the gift in you so that it would grow and be shared with others. Trust His leading and take that step of faith!