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Some Exciting News to Share!!!

We've got some exciting news to share with you! Out of the six books that we have made available to our friends through Cup of Joe, Inc., "Transitions: Grace to Navigate the Storms of Change" is one that needed an e-book so people could download it on their phones, Kindles and iPads. It was one of our goals this year to complete this and because of your donations of support and prayers, we are about to do that!!! Everyone goes through TRANSITIONS- and this book has blessed thousands of people. One of my favorite memories at The Landing was our Transitions class where we went through this book over 10 weeks as a small group. Now you will be able to do that too!
But wait there's more!!! Since we are doing an e-book format for the Transitions book, we decided to go ahead and do an e-book for a brand new one called "friends4ever" at the same time:) That's right, I am about to introduce you to the 4 friends that YOU NEED in your life to be in the sweet spot of God's success. It's based on a story in Mark Chapter 2 where 4 friends helped to take a paralyzed man into the presence of Jesus. Spoiler alert...He was healed!!!! You will see a dramatic change too as you identify these 4 friends in your life. I believe that people will be teaching this and preaching it all over the world.
Pray for us over the next couple of weeks as we finalize details and complete the process. We want to make it possible for every one of you to get both of them...instantly... and share the links with others that may need a rich blend of inspiration for their daily grind.
None of these resources could be shared without the generous support of you. Every time you hit the donate button and invest in us, you are changing a life, restoring a relationships and helping someone to make it through a difficult day. If you still want to help partner with this, donate today and move the vision forward. I never imagined that I would ever write anything worth reading. After 35 years in ministry, decades of public speaking and now 7 books that are read all over the world, I am astonished at the goodness of God and the favor that He has always surrounded me with. I am honored to be a servant of the Lord and to use anything that He allows me to do to brighten someones day, bring a smile to their face and some hope to their life.
Stay tuned to this blog page as well as all of our other social media sites for the announcement of these two books. Cup of Joe continues to encourage others through the written and spoken words; pouring out fresh inspiration every week. Thank you for caring and for sharing cups with me and your friends!