Could You Use a Friend?

My 7th book has just released and I really think you will enjoy it. It's based on a story in Mark 2 about 4 friends...4 special friends that were part of a miraculous healing for a paralyzed man. They would be friends4ever.

What I love about the story in Mark is how they worked together to get their friend in the presence of Jesus. They wanted to see their immobilized friends set free and walking again. So much so that when there was no room on the lawn to see and hear Jesus, they took a staircase up to the roof, cut a hole in the roof and lowered their friend right in front of Jesus! And when Jesus spoke about what happened, it wasn't to the paralytic, it was to these 4 friends. It was their faith that He said extracted His power to heal. The end result was a smile from Jesus, an encouraging word for these 4 friends and complete healing for the paralytic. Those are 
4-ever friends! Friends4Ever

We all need these kinds of friends in our lives...friends that will do whatever they can to make a way for us to be and stay close to Jesus. Who are the 4friends? Download the book today! I think you will use this story over and over again in bible study and small groups, or possibly as a devotional teaching. Some of you may end up teaching or preaching it!

The only benefit for me in writing any book is to see and hear about how its used to encourage other people and help them find their way to Jesus. I would love for you to download it to your phone, tablet or kindle. Amazon even gives you a way to "gift" it to another person. Imagine that...your gifting this little book could be like cutting a hole in the roof and getting a friend closer to Jesus! It's an easy way to share the Gospel. And it cost less than a grande cup of joe from the coffee shop! 

Read it, share it, rate it, and then please...send me a note to let me know how it affected you:) Use the hashtag when you share #friends4ever 

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