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Never Forget

As we come upon another 9-11, my heart today is on the many people that have to revisit the images, the stories and the events that transpired on that horrific Tuesday morning. I would imagine that many of those who lost loved ones and family members do not go near a television set this week and continue to endure the emotions and feelings that life handed them on that day.
My prayer today is that the peace which God says will go beyond our own limited understanding, would surround them and invade their homes and families today. Our country became more united than ever that day as race, color, and background faded from view and patriotism began to shine.  After this terrible event we proudly proclaimed united we stand. What happened? Why have we lost that spirit of unity and love for one another? Perhaps today we could take a moment and put aside those things that divide us once again? Think about the families and friends that lost everything that day in this country we call the United States of America.
May God continue to bless all of us that were connected by LOVE that day. May He comfort those that lost loved ones and friends that September morning. Give us strength to endure and hope to inspire. Pour out your blessing upon all of us once again.
                                                               We will NEVER forget.