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Transitions has an eBook Edition!

Everyone deals with “transitions”.  The truth is, you have either just left one, are in the midst of one, or have one coming in the future. Changes happen each and every day and how we deal with them will have a profound impact on what happens after the transition.

During one of the darkest seasons of my life, I struggled to find ways to deal with negative thoughts and emotions as well as the onslaught of terrible circumstances. Jesus was my Lord, I was doing ministry work; in fact I was the Sr. Pastor at the church! Indeed help...I needed hope...I needed grace and mercy. Through the months and years of this transition, I started to develop ways to deal with the “stuff” and also increase in strength to endure it. With God’s help, I had some great strategies for dealing with transition seasons. I knew that God would want me to share the things He taught me and perhaps some of the strategies would resonate with others.

So I wrote the book Transitions. A couple years later, I developed a 10- week small group study and tried it out at our church. It was an incredible success.  I needed to cast a larger net and share it with more people. So today, Transitions: Grace to Navigate the Storms of Change, is available as an eBook for download on your computer, phone, tablet or e-reader. People all over the world will have access to this book and the others that are available from Cup of Joe. On Amazon you can even choose to "gift" this book to someone else and pass some hope on! 

I truly believe that if you are in the midst of a dramatic transition, this book will help. The good news is that its just $4.99. So go get it, gift it, share it, review it and use it to bring hope to someone else. Thank you for your prayers, your encouragement and for your support. Your purchases and donations help us to continue to encourage others every day. I hope you enjoy this eBook over and over again! #grace2change